Institute of Professional Studies is a novel addition in the educational horizon of historical city of Sangla Hill. At this Institute an innovative and forward looking educational system is offered to the energetic youth of Sangla Hill.
This system while using modern and progressive educational methods and techniques will also include and emphasize traditional values and norms. Our intention for our students is not only to turn out good doctors, engineers, scientists, officers, lawyers, teachers or civil servants and Pak armed Forces officers but also to be good and confident Muslims. Breaking away from the rest of the private Institutes. We at Institute of Professional Studies take pleasure in offering the following distinct features and advantages to the knowledge thirsty people of Sangla Hill.


1. The dismal failure of the Government’s educational system and cheap commercialization of the private colleges on the expense of students in Pakistan is self evident. Therefore, recognizing these gross deficiency present in the educational systems Institute of Professional Studies has set the following objectives for its students:-
a. Character Building
b. Confidence and self esteem
c. Awareness and sense of responsibility
d. Academic excellence including Islamic and Quranic studies
e. Proficiency and confidence in languages
f. Exposing stdents to practical aspects of education

2. We sincerely share the concern of the parents for their children’s future and therefore have established the Institute of Professional Studies. We invite parents to discuss with us their concerns for the future of their children. We are confident that the parents will find Institute of Professional Studies to be offering quality education in superiority which remains unattained with gross commercialization prevailing in the private sector colleges.
3. We Institute of Professional Studies are open to suggestions and comments from concerned parents and encourage them to fully participate with us in this partnership regarding the future of their children.

Being an easily accessible educational institution from different parts of the area Institute of Professional Studies Sangla Hill presents a blend of ancient and modern architecture in its structure having almost all the facilities required for teaching and learning process. Being the pioneer in market, IPS also enjoys Spacious classrooms, smart Rooms, internet connected Computer Laboratory, Rich Library, Play grounds, Lawns, In and out Door Sports facilities, Conference Hall, Performing Arts , Hall and Cafeteria, etc. The Campus pays special attention to environment and holds plantation campaign regularly and has established its own nursery to adhere to self reliance.

Healthy body guarantees healthy mind but if cared properly by observing ethical manners even sports and games. Scientific advancement has taken man far away from his own self and Institute feels that youth should be involved in co-curricular activities along with their academics to support healthy mind and body. The campus holds Debates, Speeches, Fun Fairs, performing Arts, Festivals and Annual Sports as well as in and out door games both for girls and boys with commitment to provide maximum opportunities to for recreation. The campus almost participates in all the activities sponsored by Governments such as Sports, Debate and Speech contests, Mushairas, Performing Arts Festivals, etc. The literary, dramatic, and debate societies of the campus play a vital role to promote these activities to bring name and fame to the institute as well as the campus.