Buildings and material very soon become the remnant of the past but knowledge and professional competency are the hallmarks of the human beings which carry all the days since the dawn of civilization on earth. This campus can claim to have the service of professionally competent and hardworking teachers who are making history in the field of education. We have the eminent researchers and dedicated teachers for achieving educational excellence in teacher education programs who are ready to fulfill the promise: truth, the ultimate virtue. They are exceptionally competent, considerate and kind to transfer past and the present to the coming generations with commitment, honesty of purpose and sense of devotion. It is the untiring efforts of the faculty of Sangla Hill campus that make us offer variety of prosperity pertaining professional programs in teacher education. We can claim that we have because they:

  • Keep in contact with the parents of his/her pupils ” Are able to maintain discipline and order.
  • Let the student’s share his/her own life with all ups and downs.
  • Work hard to remain up to date in his/her subject.
  • Openly admit when he/she makes a mistake or does not know something.
  • Are interested in his/her students, ask them about their problems and try to help where possible.
  • Make students work hard and set high standards.
  • Are friendly and helpful to their colleagues.
  • Use a lot of different material, equipment and teaching methods and attempt to make his/her lessons interesting.