Mirza Arif SiddiqueThe Institute of Professional Studies Sangla Hill campus has been promoting the culture of education, research and liberating Pakistan through teacher education. This campus earns the prestigious title of being the first institute of its kind in the area. After becoming a constituent part of the Institute, the process of progress has been accelerated for which Sir Chairman, the management, the faculty, Non Teaching staff and the devoted students deserve appreciation. The new entrants are fortunate ones who have a golden opportunity to materialize their dreams. At the same time,IT IS a challenge for the students to equip themselves with all the skills and attributes which will enable them to rise in the society. Therefore, students are advised to utilize their time and energy in seeking knowledge, developing skills, furnishing their minds with fresh ideas through research based explorations. In the end, I would cordially welcome the new generation entering this esteemed institution of historical importance.

Mirza Arif Siddique